Join Our Community Gardens

Our Deacon, Jesse McClain is helping to organize our community gardens this year. If you would be interested in a garden plot, please contact him @

Gardeners are welcome to begin cleaning and planting as long as you follow all of our Federal and State Safe Distancing and COVID-19 Protocols.

Also, Tim Cassidy, our bee keeper is looking for some new volunteers to learn the art of bee keeping.  He has ordered 4 new sets that should be here by the end of April.  These bees produce some incredible honey! Please call the rectory and leave your name and number if you are interested @ 330-743-1109.

Getting outside is certainly good for us and gardening is good for the soul

Path of Prayers

Outdoor Stations of the Cross


  • Plans are underway for “Outdoor Stations of the Cross”   for our Community Gardens. The stations will be suitable for outdoor placement and will provide a beautiful, serene area to pray in the gardens.

  • Each station will be a beautiful and rustic set with an appropriate image printed on metal plates  which are fastened to the Shrine. The image is 6” by 9” wide and the Shrine they are placed in are 10” by 15” tall. The overhang to help protect the image is 2.5” by 3.5”. The Shrine is made of a durable polywood material.

  • Each station will be mounted on a pressure treated pole strategically placed throughout the beautiful garden area to enable a parishioner to serenely follow and pray the Stations of the Cross on the simulated path that Christ took to Calvary.

  • Each Station of the Cross  will have a mounted plaque placed on the pole designating the donor who made that Station possible.

  • Father Peters is providing the auger to place the poles as well as the spiritual guidance to bring this to fruition.

YOU are needed to sponsor a Station.

  • If you would like to sponsor a Station, please down load and complete the form below with a check made out to St. Patrick’s.

  • Please print the name you would like to appear on the plaque.

  • Each Station of the Cross  will require a donation to St Patrick’s of $100.

  • There are 14 Stations to sponsor, but donations will be humbly accepted.

                                                                                    Sincerely in Christ, Deacon Jesse McClain