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Baptisms are celebrated one Sunday per month.

Parents are required to attend a Baptism preparation class before celebrating the sacrament. Parents who are not parishioners will be invited to join the parish. Call 330-743-1109 to schedule your class.

Godparents: At least one Godparent must be an active, practicing Catholic who has been confirmed.

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First Communion is generally celebrated by children in the second grade; however, older children are  also welcome. To be eligible to prepare for the sacrament, children should be regularly attending either our faith formation sessions, or attending religion class at a Catholic School. 

In addition to regular faith formation attendance, children will be asked to attend an  additional special classes and events to prepare for their sacraments.

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Confirmation is celebrated every year. Youth must be in the 8th grade or older and must attend faith formation classes regularly as well as monthly preparation sessions with their sponsor or parent.

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Couples planning to marry should contact the parish priest at least six months prior to the wedding date. No wedding date will  be confirmed until the couple has met with the priest. He will assist the couple with their marriage preparation.


RCIA candidates.jpg

This process is for those who:

  • Have never been baptized.

  • Were baptized in another denomination, but are interested in join the Catholic Church.

  • Have been baptized Catholic but never celebrated First Communion or Confirmation.

RCIA sessions are held weekly


Communal Anointing of the Sick is celebrated at Mass at least once a year. If you are facing surgery or a serious illness, please call the rectory at 330-743-1109 to arrange an anointing.


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