Welcome to Confirmation! 


Important reminders for the 2021 Confirmation Class!

1. Thank you for your patience as we have worked through the planning and changes for your celebration. 

2. Please be at Church by 7:20 pm on Saturday April 3, 2021. You will have a designated pew for your immediate family and sponsor. Your extended family will be in assigned pews as well. 

3. We are asking everyone to follow the parish guidelines for Mass: everyone must wear a mask, only members of the SAME household may sit together. Extended family will be invited to sit in other pews, 6 feet apart. Be sure to take your temperature before leaving home. If it is above 100 F,  call Marcy and do NOT come to Mass! This is also for everyone, please.

4. At the time of Confirmation, you and your sponsor will be sent to Fr. Peters. When you approach Fr. Peters, be sure to say your Confirmation name loud and clear. He will anoint you with an individual cotton ball dipped in Chrism, as he says "Be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit." Your response is "AMEN." Then Fr. Peters will offer you a gesture of peace ("Peace be with you.") Acknowledge Fr. Peters with a wave or a head nod and respond, "And with your Spirit." Return to your seat. 

5. Your sponsor should have his or her hand on your shoulder: right hand, right shoulder. Be sure your shoulders are covered so your sponsor is only touching clothing!

6. At Communion, please follow the directions of the ushers. This includes sanitizing your hands and when to remove your mask. 

7. If you have any questions, please contact Marcy. God bless!

Confirmation Paperwork

The buttons below  contain links for all documentation for Confirmation including: calendar, permanent record form and sponsor information.  All paperwork is to be completed and returned to Marcy at the Rectory as soon as possible. 

If you have any question, please call Marcy at 330-743-1109 or email her at

General information

  • Youth must be in 8th grade or high school to be eligible for Confirmation preparation.

  • Youth should be attending Super Saturdays classes or Catholic School in addition to Confirmation classes through St. Patrick's.

  • Youth, sponsors and parents are expected to participate in St. Patrick's Online Google Classroom for Confirmation sessions. New posts will be added every two weeks with questions for discussion.

  • The Confirmation Retreat is a requirement. If you miss the retreat, you will be expected to make it up with another group.

  • If you are an adult seeking to celebrate the Sacrament, please call the parish office for information about Adult Confirmation.


Confirmation July 26, 2020

Links for the Google Classroom Sessions
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